Santa Website

Have fun on this great Santa Website. Leave your friends in 3JH a message to let them know what you have been doing on it.

It will not let me leave the link on our class blog but if you go on Google and type in
‘Norad Santa’ it is the top website link.

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Science light reflection game

Here is the link for the game from Science. We had a quick go in class but part 2 was very tricky. Can you figure it out?

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Happy Halloween

Hope you all had a lovely time last night for Halloween and I am sure you tested out those scary outfits that you wore last Friday for school. Who do you think looked the scariest?






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Willy Wonka’s one day stall

In maths 3JH have been doing a mini project on a Friday. They have been using skills such as gathering data, making tally charts and bar charts, adding up amounts, identifying 3D shapes and creating nets, as well as super teamwork skills to design and make a chocolate snack. The project was hugely successful and the children really enjoyed seeing their products sell. The children decided to save the money they had raised to give to Children In Need this next month. Congratulation 3JH maths you made an amazing £38 in just one yummy 15 minute break time!

Take a look at the photos.







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Mini teachers

Last week 3JH were paired up and they assessed each others work. The children were using green highlighters to identify what was good in their partners writing and then used pink highlighters to spot any mistakes. They were then able to give their partner feedback saying what they were good and an area for improvement. The children were so focused and really enjoyed this task and it was great to see them helping each other and discussing writing. Watch out for our writing ladder self assessments!








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