Autumn leaf animals

3JH have created some fabulous animal pictures using only leaves. First of all they went out to collect the fallen leaves and discussed the colours, shapes and sizes. Then they decided on an animal they would like to make and in a pair got busy placing, organising and sticking the leaves. They look brilliant! What do you think?






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Golden Rule

Well done Bailee for winning the golden rule for 3JH first week back. I wonder who will win the golden rule this week for working hard?


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The Chocolate Room

In Literacy we are focusing on describing settings. This week the setting has been the Chocolate Room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

We read the chapter about the Chocolate Room by Roald Dahl and his super description helped us to imagine the room and draw it. Then we thought about what you would be able to see, hear, smell and how you would feel if you entered the room. Writing about these four senses helps a setting come to life in a readers mind. We tried to come up with lots of adjectives so that when we write our own description we can try to build up a great imagine in the reader’s mind!

Watch out for our descriptions coming soon!

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This morning in maths the children played a quick game involving 3 cups and 5 paper balls. Each cup was worth either 1,10 or 100. The children totalled up their scores and then added their score to the high scores list, which proved how good they are at ordering numbers.

This game helped later on in the lesson when the children were required to partition numbers.

Can you partition these numbers into hundreds, tens and units?


Can you fill in the missing amount?

400 + ? + 7 = 437
? + 0 + 5 = 405



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Miss Hunt’s Hardworking Heroes

Introducing Miss Hunt’s Hardworking Heroes


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