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Halloween in 3JH

Posted by on 26/10/2012

This week we are have been writing Halloween Poems. At the beginning of the week we worked in groups and used alliteration. Later on in the week we used rhyme and had a go at writing our own individual Halloween rhyming poems.

We have also been learning about the skeleton and the names of the bones in our body.
The we produced some art work of the skeletons. Take a look at our work and our Halloween dressed children and have a Happy Halloween!




13 Responses to Halloween in 3JH

  1. molly

    We didn’t make SKELETONS when we were in 3JH !!!
    Why didn’t we Miss.Hunt?!

  2. Emma3jh

    I loved making the skelton pictures with chork

  3. luca&jack

    its jack and luca from year 6 here we both like the costumes and the poems

  4. Antonyand Joe

    Nice costumes 3JH!! Especially the scream costume me and Antony like it.

  5. charlie w

    nice costumes 3JH !

  6. Natalie.J

    Love the halloween costumes and the drawings!!!!
    GOOD JOB!!!!

  7. Antony&Joe

    Cool scream costume they are realy scary!!

  8. Katie and Chloe yr 6

    Wow! Realy scary costumes you wore year 3.
    I bet you miss Halloween but when Christmas
    is over we will miss that even more!!!

  9. owen.h

    love the scream outfit cool dude 🙂

  10. bradley

    hey year 3 like your fantastic costumes ,see you next time.

  11. jamie

    nice costumes i really like them.

  12. Eleisha 6RW

    Wow! Nice costumes, guys! 😉 I like best the clown ! Gunna have nightmares tonight! 😀

  13. Georgia 6RW

    Nice artwork Year 3, there are some wonderfull skellinton’s! Wow, look at your scary halloween costumes! 🙂

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