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Are you a rock star?

Posted by on 12/02/2013

Challenge yourself to remember the names of as many rocks as you can. We looked at six in particular in 3JH. Can you remember all six? Maybe thinking about the Rock Top Trumps we made will help you.

If you remember all six then you are a ….. rock star!

5 Responses to Are you a rock star?

  1. chloe

    sanndstone granit slate limestone chalk marble

  2. kelton 3jh

    marble herr

  3. kelton 3jh


  4. kelton 3jh

    granet sandstone limestone slate oh gosh its so hard i will post the outher 2 tomorow

    • Hunt21

      Well done Kelton, you got four of them! Don’t forget your punctuation when you are writing on the blog 🙂

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