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Big Dance 2012 – are we world record breakers?

Posted by on 18/05/2012

Well done to everyone that took part in the Big Dance Event! Was great seeing you all perform in the hall today!
The Big Dance Event is usually done to mark the day that the Olympic Torch arrives in the Olympic Hosting country. Today thousands of schools and children in the UK did the Big Dance 2012 at 1pm. In a few weeks we will found out if we have broken a Guinness World Record. Let’s hope so!

The current world record for the Big Dance event is held by the Netherlands. They lead with 264,188 people at 1,472 locations.

Check it out yourself!

4 Responses to Big Dance 2012 – are we world record breakers?

  1. willo99


  2. willo99

    this is awsome world record brakers

    @ @
    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awsome. //

  3. molly .h

    I wonder if we wun the world record ?

  4. Emile

    Wow i do hope we have beaten the world record because that would be awsome . Don’t you think? 😀

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