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Cardboard creation!

Posted by on 23/05/2012

Today Year 3 children from High View and Park Street came together and combine ideas and efforts to build a cool cardboard creation. We would like to thank Tim and James for a fun day. Here are a few photos of you in action.
Year 3 I will let you comment and explain what rooms you created in your space because they were your ideas! What did you help build. What was your favourite part?








4 Responses to Cardboard creation!

  1. Chloe 6GB

    When my class was doing P.E some of us wanted to make some boxes with you !!! I wanted to them with you because it looked really fun making them with Park street. 🙂 🙂 🙂 <3

  2. willo99

    millie looks terrafied millie: HELP ME PLEASE

  3. molly

    I love making it.

  4. william

    Just to say Miss Hunt it was really good, making the city. o miss hunt check out Google(I fort it was really good want to do it one’s more, im 3JH loved it) (P.S William)

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