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Cocoa bean in 3jh

Posted by on 26/09/2012

Yesterday we smelt a cocoa bean. It smelt like dark made miss hunt want some chocolate. We looked on the iPads at where cocoa beans grew. Some of the countries that cocoa beans grow in are Indonesia ,Brazil, Ecuador, Togo,and Mexico. Can you find anymore countries where cocoa beans grow? By CHELSEA

4 Responses to Cocoa bean in 3jh

  1. Amie3jh

    I love chocolate yummee!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amie

    I loved the chocolate factory it was awesome . I hoped everyone had fun there?I loved it and I hoped you liked it too 3jh!

  3. Teri L

    umpa lumpas love coco beans

    • Emma s

      I liked the chocolate factory too and I agree that the chocolate was yummy.

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