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Don’t forget your Egg-cellent Eggs!

Posted by on 23/03/2012

Easter is on it’s way! Don’t forget to decorate your hard boiled egg at home this weekend. Entries have to be in school on Monday 26th March. Good luck and have fun creating! Don’t leave all the tidying up for the adults to do afterwards!

We have had two entries brought in so far. Check out Emile and Declan’s eggs.

21 Responses to Don’t forget your Egg-cellent Eggs!

  1. Natalie


  2. Natalie

    I love school

  3. Serena S

    arch123 I loved yours!

  4. arch 123

    i brought shregg

  5. Emile6380

    It was great fun making my egg and a lil bit hard getting the egg to stick on the cardbord. :)!!!!!!!

  6. Emile6380

    Thnx but my egg looks so small next to lil dec’s egg;)

  7. daniels mum

    think this web site is brilliant, its a great way for daniel to stay in touch with all his friends when he leaves.

  8. Serena S

    I agree with Miss Hunt these are egg-celent eggs.

  9. william

    The ester egg’s look great hiss hunt but there will be more coming on monday

  10. william

    miss hunt I bet you can’t wait untill monday with all the brillient ester egg’s.How meny people has commented yet?

  11. Jayden H

    Declan & Emiles eggs are great!!!

  12. Serena

    I love them,there brill!!!!

  13. Oliver f

    mine is a robber 🙂

  14. arch 123

    Sorry for saying big dec did it i was sopposed to say Emile

  15. Burcu P

    I just want to say what a brilliant idea to have a blog!! Thank you Miss Hunt, I love it 🙂

  16. arch 123

    Yeah Miss Hunt ,i’m going to bring egg-omort 🙂

  17. arch 123

    I love Mini Dec’s Egg-ovader and Egg bump by Big Dec BY ARCHIE PARKER

  18. Miss Hunt

    I am definitely looking forward to seeing everyone else’s eggs decorated on Monday! I have heard lots of good ideas!

  19. Hunt21

    Darth Vader and Mr Bump look brilliant boys! Well done!

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