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Entering our picture book into the World Book Day competition

Posted by on 21/03/2012

1st March 2012 was World Book Day. During this school week in our Literacy lessons we worked on creating our own picture book to enter into the ‘Design your own Picture book’ competition advertised on the World Book Day website.
On the Monday Miss Hunt acted as a crocodile, and the class had to ask the crocodile questions to find out his story, and what had happened to him. The children unravelled the story of the Caring Crocodile.
On Tuesday we looked at a selection of our favourite picture books and looked at the features and writing techniques that make a good picture book. We decided that rhyming, repetition and alliteration were the most frequently used techniques.
On Wednesday we came up with a bank of words of alliteration and rhyme, ready to use when we wrote our own story.
On Thursday, the day of World Book Day the children were split up into small groups, where they all wrote sections of the story. We then fed back our written parts of the story, composed them all together and edited as a class.

Here is our finished picture book of the story of ‘The Caring Crocodile’.

6 Responses to Entering our picture book into the World Book Day competition

  1. z.b

    i love the caring crocodile story because it gust was fun

  2. arch 123

    (i’m writing the caring crocodile story) Once upon a time there lived a very careful crocodile called the caring crocodile he lived in Egypt.He and all the others would be different because the caring crocodile ate oranges but all the others were MEAT EATERS !!!!!!!!!!!!! One day the caring crocodile saw baby’s getting eaten by the fierce crocodile’s (the meat eaters) but the caring crocodile heard some music , he swam over to it. He saw a basket but he didn’t see what was in it.

  3. william

    I loved making the caring crocodile because there was lods of cullering to do and it was good planing it because we did a lot of writing.

  4. arch 123

    I LOVE!! The Caring Crocodile story because it links in with the story of Moses

    • Serena S

      We did this story because we are learning about the Egyptians and it goes with the story of Moses.

  5. william

    Hello and welcome to 3JH.In 3JH there is loads of things going on,Heres some examples…
    There is fun things happening in history and maths and literacy. There is always something good happening in 3JH.If you come in to our school some time it won’t hurt to come by.

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