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Goodbye wishes to Daniel

Posted by on 01/04/2012

On Friday we were sad to say goodbye to Daniel as it was his last day in 3JH. However we are very happy and excited for him starting his new life in Australia with his family. I would like to thank Daniel for being a lovely member of our class, a pleasure to teach and a good friend, we will all miss you.

24 Responses to Goodbye wishes to Daniel

  1. daniels mum

    A big massive thank you to all of year 3, all your letters have arrived today. We have been overwhelmed by all your lovely letters and the effort you must have all put in writing them. Daniel was more than over joyed to hear from each of you and cant thank you enough for all your hard work well done everyone.
    Daniel has started making a few friends now and it turns out one of daniels new friends has also moved over hear from England, but he does still miss everyone back home quite a lot.
    Unfortunately the weather isnt being very kind to us at the moment and we are having rather big storms and the school is expected to be shut tomorrow due to storm damage but at least this will give daniel plenty of time to get through all your letters and am sure he will write back soon.

  2. Alexander 6GB

    your blog is looking very good

  3. daniel

    hi everyone, i have started my new school just over a week ago and have stated to make new friends, the school is very different over hear and there is only 20 pupils in a class, we do a lot of sport at school and have music lessons, the weather over hear is usually sunny so we get to have some classes outside. I am learning austrailan football at minute but there rules are very different from normal football. So far i have seen some kangaroos and some kolas. miss you all and really miss my old class

    • Hunt21

      Thank you for writing to us and telling us all about what you have been doing. Australian football sounds interesting, I will have to look at some of those rules myself. I am sure a lot of the children in our class will be interested in finding out about Australian football too, we know how much some of them love football. I saw the photo of you with the koala bear, Morgan kindly brought it in to class to show. I have never seen a real one before. Hope you are settling in your new school and great to hear you are making new friends. Keep working hard and keep writing to us!

  4. arch 123

    declyn rasburn left by the way

  5. abby.u

    Hi daniel I hope you are having a good time and have made lots of new friends

  6. morgank

    HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!daniel is the weather nice there is the beach nice.

  7. Harry

    3JH did you like learning about theEgypt ?

  8. Harry

    3JH very exiting blog.

  9. josh roberts

    3JH your blog is very good

  10. Charlie 6GB

    Hi,how are you doing?What’s it like in Australia?Did you have a good easter?How many easter eggs did you get?

  11. Brooke and Charleigh

    Lookin good 3JH. Real good photo’s….

  12. Chloe 6GB

    Hello Daniel, are you having a great time in Australia? Did you have a good Easter? How many Easter eggs did you get ?

  13. morgank

    I mis you Daniel.I Hope you had a lovely day at your new school:-)

  14. katie

    I am missing daniel too abby but I miss him very very much.I hope daniel engoys his new school and makes lots of new friends.

  15. Hunt21

    So pleased to hear you arrived safely and have begun to settle into your new home and life in Australia. Going to the beach everyday sounds fun. We have had lots of rain this week! What is the weather like in Australia? Let us know how your new school is, I am sure you will soon settle in. Miss Hunt

  16. Emily T

    Hey Daniel,have you seen or rode on a camel yet. Have you seen a koala bear since you got there.

  17. willo99

    I hope dainiel is having a great time

  18. daniel

    just to let everyone in 3jh know that i have began to settle in australia, life hear is very different since ive arrived we have been at the beach nearly everyday. missing all my friends though and not looking forwards to starting at my new school next week.

    • Leah F56

      Daniel have you seen some KANGAROOS and KOALAS yet????

    • Leah F56

      Hi Daniel just one question? Where abouts in Australia are you living????

  19. Jayden H

    Me too Serena.

  20. Serena S

    I hope Daniel has a great time in Australia, im realy sad that i wasnt there to say bye.

    • abby.u

      I miss you so much daniel i hope you are having a great time

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