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Half term holiday

Posted by on 01/11/2012

Hello 3JH! I hope you are enjoying your week off. What have you been doing? I (Miss Hunt) have been to Bruges in Belgium and they had lots and lots of chocolate shops! Belgium is very famous for it’s chocolates. It got me thinking about our trip to the chocolate factory. Are you looking forward to it? Keep safe and see you all on Tuesday!

11 Responses to Half term holiday

  1. Emma

    I love the chichmuncks Keaton and they are famous

  2. Amie

    Wwwwwooooooohhhhhhhhhh I bet it was nice. Was the chocolate nice and yummy? I bet it was.

  3. kelton 3jh

    did you enjoy meating my chipmunks oh just one thing THAY ARE FAMOUS !

  4. kelton 3JH

    my best cat named jess hunt21 has died and i felt down in the dumps

  5. Sarah 6GB

    Miss Hunt did you buy any chocolate at those chocolate shops?

    • Hunt21

      Of course I did Sarah, but the chocolate I bought didn’t last very long!! Yum!

  6. Bailey

    I hope you have a nice trip to the choclate factory.

  7. Chris W

    Nice blog you’ve got 3JH!

  8. Ethan H

    Has everyone had a great holiday becase i have!!!

  9. Alex D

    I never got a chance to do that in year 3 !!!!!

  10. Craig W

    WHAT! You are really lucky because when we was in year 3 we didn’t have the privillege to go there ! Hope you love it !!

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