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Mastaba tombs

Posted by on 20/03/2012

This half term we have begun our study of the Ancient Egyptians. On a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we have a creative curriculum carousel of activities. Our class is split up into 4 teams, named after Egyptian gods. In our first rotation of activities the construction area allowed us to research Egyptian tombs. We looked at the different types of tombs, and found out what went inside them. We created our own Mastaba tombs in groups, using our research to inform what we created to go inside our tombs. Please take a look at our photo’s of our finished tombs, and if you are ever in school come into our class to have a look at them, they are on display.

6 Responses to Mastaba tombs

  1. Mrs Timmington

    I love your frog story! My favourite picture book is Alice in Wonderland. I loved the book when I was a little girl.

  2. Emile6380

    LOL!!!!! It was great fun making them , it was little bit hard but it was worth it in the end. :D!!!!!!

  3. william


  4. Leah F56

    WOW!!! Our tombs look great!!

  5. katie g

    We made these tombs by ourselves.

    • arch 123

      And a little bit of help from our teacher.:-)

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