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Rocks and volcanoes

Posted by on 12/02/2013

Since Christmas 3JH have been learning all about rocks and volcanoes. In our afternoons of creative carousel work we have done some exciting learning including being rock detectives around school, classifying rocks and identifying their properties, making a volcano, learning about Pompeii, making rocks top trumps and writing a volcano report.
Here are some photos of the children making their volcanoes.
Which was your favourite activity?
What have you learned about rocks and volcanoes?




10 Responses to Rocks and volcanoes

  1. Hunt21

    Chelsea has answered your question Adam. Thank you Chelsea. She is right, we mixed vinegar, coca cola and bicarbonate of soda to create an explosive reaction and added the red food colouring to make it look like lava!

  2. Adam C Year5

    How did you make it explode. Hope to get the answer

  3. chelsea

    the 4 ingredients we used were vinegar, red food colouring, coca cola, bicarbonate soda

  4. chelsea

    slate,chalk,marble,granite,limestone,sandstone x

  5. Emma

    Roman weapon are light and heavy.

  6. Emma

    I think it was granite.

  7. Emma

    I remember the rocks there was slate,chalk,marble,granite,limestone,sandstone

    • Hunt21

      Well done Emma! Does anyone else know any of the properties of the rocks? Which one would be the strongest?

  8. Emma

    I loved making the volcanoes and making them explode.

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