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Welcome to the 3JH blog!

Posted by on 20/03/2012

Thanks for visiting the 3JH blog! Keep visiting our blog to find out what we have been learning about, and don’t forget to comment.

43 Responses to Welcome to the 3JH blog!

  1. Dylan

    Our class is the best!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sam w

    I LOVE THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. georgia

    Its my birthday tomorrow I can’t wait

  4. georgia

    3jh is the best class ever i’m so glad i moved to this school and miss hunt is the best teacher ever

  5. Courtney 3JH

    I have just found the blog and i have shown mum and dad and they think our work is brilliant.

  6. william

    Miss Hunt a have been learning the big dance of 2012 and i’m very good at it.

  7. tyler

    i love the huge pyramid and the cute little camel picture, but it could do with a sarcofagus as well.

  8. Emile6380

    I will really miss Miss Hunt when we go into year 4 , she is the best teacher ever!!!!!!!:(

  9. Leah F56

    I am sure going to miss, Miss Hunt and Mrs Howard when we move in to YEAR 4:(

  10. arch 123

    3jh s the best class ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. arch 123

    I hope the Fergus the frog story would be as good as the caring crocodile.

  12. jayden H

    I love it in 3JH!!!I will miss Miss.Hunt when we go to y4!

  13. zoe b

    i love 3jh xx

  14. MORGAN k

    I love this blog

  15. Serena S

    I dont think so Leah.

  16. Serena S

    I love learning about egyptians did you know that Tuthankamun is the most known pharoah today.

  17. Jacob M

    I will miss her too.

  18. molly h

    my dad and mum liked declans and emiles easter eggs

  19. Jacob M

    Miss Hunt is a brilliant teacher!

  20. Jacob M

    I have sown my nanan and she thinks it is good.

  21. molly h

    my mum liked are buttifull story

  22. Oliver f

    i so so so so so so so so so sos so so love 3JH

  23. LEAH F56

    I think I did a red face much more than a pink face!!!! Don’t you think Miss Hunt? 🙂

    • arch 123

      Yeah I think it looks more red than pink , i wonder what Miss Hunt thinks too and good night.:-)

  24. Emily T

    I really will miss 3JH when i go to y4.

  25. katie go

    I love learning about Eygpt. I love been in class 3jh.

  26. Jacob M

    I love this blog!!!!

  27. Jacob M

    My mum loves the shoe boxs!

  28. Jacob M

    Oliver you have got loads of comments.

  29. Oliver f

    I love this blog

  30. Serena S

    I love working in class 3jh!!!!! Its so fun!!!!

  31. Oliver f

    I think it is great

  32. Oliver

    I showed my nannan to she loves it

  33. Oliver f

    We love learning about Egypt

  34. Oliver f

    3JH is a good class

    • arch 123

      Oliver’s right Miss Hunt:), and don’t forget to say if it’s 5 or more go to the bigger door

  35. Jacob M

    I have just found the blog and I have shown mum and dad and they think our work is brilliant!

    • Oliver f

      Jacob my parents like it to

    • arch 123

      Jacob my mum and dad think that too my mum has already written a comment.:)

  36. abby

    This is my work what i did and my class.
    We loved learning about Eygpt.

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